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Audacity of Tanish

Theme Name: Audacity of Tanish
Theme URI:
Description: Low colour, minimal distractions, bottom bars, costumisable background image, with dynamic content show/hide capabilities. Needs WP >= 2.7 for full functionality. Please note this is version 0.9. Bugs probably lurk, and design is almost certain to change to some extent. SCREENSHOT DOESN'T DO JUSTICE ;-), CHECK THE DEMO/PREVIEW!
Version: 0.9.2
Author: Ravi Sarma
Author URI:
Tags: two-columns, flexible-width, theme-options, threaded-comments, black, dark
Audacity of Tanish 0.9.2

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Comments (5)

Nice ... really nice

Ok.. i have a very big problem!.. the elements in page layout editing page don't appear.. i only have "add a new gadget" i am adding it then nothing appears so i can edit the title or the content... or just to drag them to reorder them... but, on the site atfer saving they are there... and it looks like hell.. any help?

Nice Template

This is a very nice theme. Thank you for converting it to a blogger theme =)

Got a small problem though after customizing the site... you see, I've added a navigation bar at the top (after the header) and it works fine. The problem is that it disappears when I click any bottom links header (ie. categories, archives, followers, etc.). Is there a code I have to add to prevent this?

Javascripts don't work.
Please fix it :)