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Theme Name: Mystique
Theme URI:
Description: Feature-packed theme with a solid design and a friendly interface. Designed by digitalnature.
Version: 1.05
Author: digitalnature
Author URI:
Tags: light, white, one-column, two-columns, three-columns, fixed-width, flexible-width, right-sidebar, left-sidebar, theme-options, threaded-comments, translation-ready, custom-header

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Comments (80)

Very nice template ;)

Nice template....

how to make it auto summery with auto readmore, and where is the underline link setting

You have done a very good job.. nice template.

this template looks so professional and compatible to both wp and blogger. good work dude

now using this slightly modified for it is very clean and easy to adjust to suit .

too many bugs in blogspot version, i hope someone will help

1) comment head for author doesnt turn to green (which it is supposed to do like brian is using in istanbulblogger)

2) search function doesnt work

3) no delete icon for comments (very disappointing, though codes are there in xml file but nuthin works perfectly maybe somethings missing)

4) no label/tags at the end of each post (which again this template is supposed to do, but isnt workin)

5) no read more button visible, but if u look at xml file it seems to have it already but isnt workin

download new template.
1) fixed

2) it's been 5 months blogger has problem with search function. u can read it here


4) blogger don't have tags but label (inline with date, author & comments, below post title)

5) for read more, read here

ok thanks m goin to download again n try today, i want labels to appear in the bottom of each post like istanbulblogger...

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ok everything fixed except read more image display n labels at the bottom of each post.... thanks alot for quick help... thanksssss... fix these probs too...

how to remove hover effect text title in blogger??

how to lower down menu bar in blogger, wenever i upload custom header image, the menu bar goes up

the text statement about the post and labels under share this post (in blogger) is very small... how to increase its font size

is there no solution to the menu bar floating problem? like "menu bar" said it displaces, how can we lower it? moreover my header image slides down too and therez black space above (at the top of page) header image. help will be much appreciated.

Found bugs on the blogger version:

1) The tabs for 'Tags', 'Popular Posts' and 'Comments' on Page Elements are missing/doesn't show up as said on the attached instruction; thus, I can't edit it.

2) The 'Comments' tab on homepage shows 4 links all pointing to the homepage.

Can you fix this? :(

Blogger page navigation system is not working in this template.....any solution????????????

Great template, and I'm using with some modifications ^ ^

All working very well :D

This template is awesome! A three-column footer would make it smashing!

Hi, How can I change the main layout's width? I want 2 do it 600px. Is it possible?


This template has any problem with sidebar ,comment form when view on IE 7 .Special comment form donnt show ,so i donnt add comment when view by IE 7

How to fix this ?

Help me

Thanks !

Suggestions and questions?

For the img be seen on LingtBOX have to take this to the links for IMG Blogger:"-h"/UpinIpin.jpg

Borren esto "-h" y tendrá total Visualización

so have the window display Module

My question is: How ago To date, this be me ta wood in the Demo:

IMG Shows

Thanks in advance

Anyone know how to take out the drop down menus. I want to keep the menus themselves, but I don't need the additional sub-level pages. How do I get rid of them? Anywhere on the code that I can edit it?

i have a problem with mystique, i change the logo, but the log dosent apear, apears as a image not found, but i have chek by ftp, i the image exist in the folder.

i wanna remove my lingtbox how can i do this plz helpppp meeeeeeee

any one it is big problem in my blog i depend on that in my blog i must remove it

or how can i fix it

i removed it but the open in new windows any help :S

I have problems with comments too.. I use wordpress and the comments link it's not able! How can I fix that?


great potential, but disappointed

if it doesnt work, its useless

author is MIA on his own site

Perfect template but problematic..

the images are turned to the left in the main page in my blog in the firfox any help how can i fix this

u rock...

All the problems have been dissolved thanks Allah


If you wanna disable hover effect on the blog title, you should find the code below and remove it or change only color code:

#site-title h1#logo a:hover{color:#ed1e24;}



@Recep Hilmi Tufan

You should find code below and change the width to 600px.

#primary-content{width:70%; ...

(Then you'll have to change #sidebar also.)




To make font bigger, you should find .post-meta class then font-size in it and give a greater value.



I found another bug :
When i post two posts in a day, first one's date can't be shown.
Here is screenshot:



WHat Happened with this theme, every Images delete ?


hi, i can't remove the blog title that's superimposed on my custom header logo, in wordpress.

how do i remove it? please help.


to the author (digitalnature) this template for blogspot is messed up since yesterday the thing in upper right which shows tags,recentcomments,favs,archives doesnt show, and title head image of sidebar widgets dun show either whats the problem?n fix it please

I'm having problems with the files Mystique (Blogger). They were deleted? Or are they just temporarily down?

Host seems down that has files like images and js files. So they dont work. Please fix it asap..

I'm having problems too. I think files can not be taken from the server you use :
Why dont you use blogger to save your images?

digitalnature fix your server please or host the file somewhere else and provide us the links for blogspot problems

above server is dead

its been 3 days you're server aint fixed yet? atleast tell us whats the problem bro, anyways atleast tell me how to fix the following blogger problem its very important!!

whenever i visit my blog whether the main page or any post, the browsing kind of stucks for a moment i mean half of the screens background (bottom) remains black then after sometime it loads completely to white/gray bg, you can see this problem in your hosted demo of blogspot version. tell me the solution as soon as possible!

i solved most of problems by moving all images from to tinypic. Also you can take script links from



this problem remains the same. plz tell me the solution

whenever i visit my blog whether the main page or any post, the browsing kind of stucks for a moment i mean half of the screens background (bottom) remains black then after sometime it loads completely to white/gray bg, you can see this problem in your hosted demo of blogspot version. tell me the solution as soon as possible!

How do you simply remove the pop up Twitter button? It was was enough on the older versions but it doesn't give you example code now to click on.

The date on my post's header isn't showing, is there a way to correct this?

How do I remove the Twitter and RSS icons on the top navigation bar...

Its nice....but Twitter button is missing in the blogger version

plz reply and tell me the solution for this problem

whenever i visit my blog whether the main page or any post, the browsing kind of stucks for a moment i mean half of the screens background (bottom) remains black then after sometime it loads completely to white/gray bg, you can see this problem in your hosted demo of blogspot version. tell me the solution as soon as possible!

yes Twitter button is missing whereas it is in the wordpress version...please fix it bro.

I'm almost done with the deployment. Everything looks fine. But jquery functions not working ? why ?

I tried changing the jquery.js (innercontent) with working onsite content (your site).

Still no use.

Is there any way to test this theme functionality?

Plz reply me! I need support

plz fix the twitter button in blogspot version.... bro everything is ok..i link to ur site thanks :)

Yes please... Twitter button is missing and the rest is ok!!!

Great job!

we have a problem.... This template doesn´t work anymore.... when fix it, send me a email please!

Tip: use the

please fix your java scripts for blogger, they're messed up again, i think open drive server is dead please post those scripts somewhere else or find a solution plz be fast thanks

Where is the older version. I need older version.

Twitter button is missing! I can donate 5$ if u fix the button...

Nice thanks for the great template. Luv it

@Gabriel, thats easy to add that, Just replicate the code for twitter as used for RSS

Though as there is already a twitter widget I don't really think its necessary rite.

how to remove twitter icon on the top right navgation menu ?
the one next to the rss feed icon at the top right.

how can i change the post font size?

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

My Fav. Theme from Start :)
Thanks Digitalnature ...

love you man.... keep it up........
bt in blogger u cant' modiy pls modify it

Hi i was planning to convert mystique wordpress to blogger but I found this one. Thanx I no need to convert it now.

Recently, I've converter Wordpress Thesis Blogussion to Bogger template


nice templete

Hi when I try to activate the plugin right after uploading it, a message says the plugin does not have a valid header.

Any hint would be very helpful!

Como puedo bajar mas el menu??
esque esta muy arriba y tambien quiero cambiarle el fondo de otro color como le hago:)

cant download blogger template
download size is zero bytes.

Just yesterday, the date of the post stopped showing up. The buttons for the categories, tags, archives, top posts, and recent comments are not showing up either.

Did not experience any of these problems until yesterday, and not really sure what the deal is. I have not made any recent changes to the HTML or CSS, to cause any problems.

Could you please provide a fix, or an update on what may be going on. Thanks.

Also, if you check the Blogger demo on this very page, you will notice that the same issues, I just stated, are occurring there as well.

I am using this theme at my website at
It is very clean and works very well. Thank you for this theme!

wuuuuv, very very nice beatiful theme.
thank for mystique.