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Theme Name: UltimateBlogger
Theme URL:
Description: UltimateBlogger is a very versatile widget-ready design that accomodates AdSense and paid ads well.
Author: WebRehash
Author URI:
Version: 1.0

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Blogger Template
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Comments (15)

best template so far with good color schemes


Thanks, nice template :D

Hi, love this theme really great work!!

I don’t suppose anyone can help me, I'm trying to replace the ‘Entries RSS’ link at the top right with my feedburner url but I'm having trouble, I have found where I'm guessing the URL needs to be entered after “Data:”? but it wont work, any suggestions of where/what I should be entering?

Thanks very much!


goto Layout > Edit HTML > Edit Template > find below code

<a expr:href='data:blog.homepageUrl + "feeds/posts/default"'>Entries RSS</a>

replace with

<a href='http://yourfeedburnerlink'>Entries RSS</a>


need to insert header banner on this template?

good job bro

hi,it's such a great theme you created. I'm using this template but then something weird happened. My frontpage looked so strange as if it wasn't loaded perfectly. As you can see, my post's background color isn't white like the demo has shown me, but grey! And the right column is below the posts. How did this happen? But everything seemed OK and normal when I viewed one post as a whole page. So, could you help me solve this? Thanks a bunch ^_^

Nice one! Thanks for this template.

very perfect but cud u pls add menus on the top below the blog title like as that of fusion??

Very nice...

Download for blogger doesn´t work...

It's such a great template! I'm trying to remove the quick icons which appear under each post. How can I remove them?

@Anonymous - of course it working :)
@Farhad - The quick icons is a great widget for your visitors to bookmark your site and share with other. You can remove it manually starting from the link of file at

Excellent theme! but I'm having one small problem. Any time comments are disabled the left and right columns break and are shown below the content section leaving the two columns blank. Any idea how to fix this? thx!

boss, templatenya rusak, tolong diperbaiki dan kirim ke