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Modularity Lite

Theme Name: Modularity Lite
Theme URI:
Description: A minimally styled multimedia theme framework for Wordpress by Graph Paper Press. The Theme Options page allows for rapid theme customization and includes a selectable one or two-column layout, color selector, and homepage slideshow options.
Version: 1.1
Tags: photography, one-column, two-column, theme options, minimal, widgets, white, portfolio, video, framework
Author: Thad Allender
Author URI:
License: GPL

Wordpress Theme
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Blogger Template
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Comments (12)

good template...

cool. thanks a lot..

This is a beautiful Template H . good of you to make it freely available :) you --> WPWB !

Love it!

Hey! Just wanted to stop by and say we really appreciate the work you do and this template is the best wordpress conversion we've come across. In the near future we will be purchasing one of your other templates so be on the look out! once again thx. for the great template and keep up the spectacular work!!!!

any chance you can help me customize a twitter update that will fit in the side column without changing the background?

I absolutely LOVE this amazing template! I'm just trying to figure out how to change the default font to a larger size...

Thanks for this Template. I love it, works perfectly, Looks amazing on my site. And thanks for the other template you converted for me! Can't wait to customize it for my other site. I will be checking periodically for more wp to blogger themes! Great work.

how to change the slide show..oh please held me...

i take it thanks

Helllooo I think this css code is broken?? please help I've just redesigned my entire site around this theme!!

Thank you so much for the info! Great Blog