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Theme Name: miniBlog
Theme URI:
Description: Premium WP Theme from Ralph Damiano of Easily change the color of many elements for a unique appearance.
Version: 1.0
Author: Ralph Damiano
Author URI:
Tags: miniblog, minimalist, simple, theme options

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How does it work the read more option on posts?



I've enabled ads to be shown between posts. However, they aren't padded and show up well outside and to the left of the main white body content area (they are aligned with the tabs that display the date). How can I fix this? Thanks.

in posting, put <span class="fullpost">put full post text here</span>

after login, goto layout > edit html > tick expand widget templates
find <data:adCode/>
replace with <div class='post-right'><data:adCode/></div>

@tmwwtw - worked great, thank you for the help. Thank you for converting such a clean, simple, beautiful theme!

Thanxs for the quick answer!!


Another question here regarding the expandable posts. Is there anyway to display an ellipsis (...) automatically before the fullpost tags to let the reader know to click the "Read on" link? I want to make it clear that the post doesn't end here and that they should click the "read on" link. Thanks!

goto layout > edit html > tick expand widget templates.
replace with
<p><data:post.body/> [...]</p>

I really love miniBlog theme.

But, I can't configure it with Brian Threaded Comments plugin. Really frust.

Thanks for da template..I love it!
But thrz a problem..
Da date is not displayed unlyk wots shown in da demo..
Da words 'undefined' show up instead of da date..
Why is diz?
Urgent reply needed.
Thanks again (:

read installation instruction included in this template. (no.2)

wow..dat was fast xD
thanks a lot...u rock (:

I can't configure the header of date. there is just a word "undefined". help me please, thanks

read installation instruction included in this template. (no.2)

How do I remove the post image thumbnails completely?

Is this is a free template for blogspot?

yes, it's free to download.

first of all, thank you so much for all your wonderful templates. I just love this one.

If I want to disable the "read more" option, what code would I have to remove from my template?


goto Layout > Edit HTML > Edit Template > tick Expand Widget Templates > find below code

<div class='post-content'>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<p class='post-more'><a expr:href='data:post.url'>Read on &#187;</a></p>
<div style='clear: both;'/> <!-- clear for photos floats -->

replace with

<div class='post-content'>
<div style='clear: both;'/> <!-- clear for photos floats -->


Thanks so much for your help, it worked like a charm.
Cheers and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

dear, tmwwtw

i really love this template. but i got a problem when using the tab view, ... i dont know how to fix it.

would you see my testing blog and help me out?
this is my testing blog:

Hi tmwwtw,

Thanks for a great template, the best I've found. My only problem is the links at the top of the page which are default 'Home, WP Blogger Themes, Wordpress to Blogger'.

I can't work out how to change them to my own links.

Any help appreciated.

Hi !

I tried to test this template on blogger : the "followers" don't appears...

Can you help me please ?

Kisses from France !

@ Edwina:

just try to find this code on the head> section:

Home etc,... and change the link to your own, and also the 'Home'.

@ Lydie:
Hi lydie.. have you added the followers widget in the page element?

@neilhoja : Of course, it's installed. And i can see the space it spend, but there's nothing inside the space (no links, no photos). You have the same problem with the template called "Jynked".

Thank your for your help,

Have a nice evening...

@ neilhoja : it appears on IE, but not on Firefox. But on IE, there are another defaults... So I won't use this templates. Sorry for the time a made you spent...

@ Lydie:
hmm... as far as I know, it never happen.. sorry if I couldnt help you much. :)

hehe.. never mind Lydie.

How can i use tabs?
dont work recent and popular..
need hurry helping..
thanks :)

This is a really cute template. Have you ever thought of making it 3 columns for Blogger? Thanks.

Super cute and clean. Great template. thank you for your contribution. I downloaded the blogger format and found that the recent comments section is not there. I tried downloading again and uploading it again but no luck. I did read and followed directions included (very helpful and nice of you to provide us non html peeps a way to change things so it will work properly) but I didn't find the 'feed2' title to replace h2></h2 for the recent post section. There are two instances of this code and I was going to replace the first one... is this the right one?

I love this theme, but I wanted to customize the header a bit more. I created an image that follows the miniblog theme but contains my logo as well. How would I replace the current Bubble header with my custom header? Thanks!

I really want to use this theme but when i downloaded it , it looks nothing like the demo at all. There are no icons or anything! How do i get it to look the same?

The downloading doesn't work.

thanks for the nice template..but when i want to add follower doesn't work (not show the images)
i already try google friendconnect also..but doesn't work too..please help me..

thanks for this great template..can you help me..why the follower widget doesn't appear the picture..i have try google friendconnect give the same result..

1 more..can you help to make my disqus comment suit with the page..because the disqus has align to left of my page..thanks a lot..

thanks for the great template, but i have a question
i have follow the instruction of the installation but there is a problem in my popular post, it's show a popular post from the other blog, how can i fix it ?

I too am having a problem with the follower function! How do you make the images appear?