Under the Influence

Theme Name: Under the Influence
Author URI: http://www.spaceperson.net/
Description: Minimalist theme with admin panel for custom colors, two- or three-column-layout and various other options. Comes with optional German translation.
Version: 1.03
Author: Spaceperson
Tags: fixed-width, two-columns, three-columns, light, white, green, custom-colors, custom-header, theme-options, threaded-comments, sticky-post, right-sidebar, translation-ready
Based on WordPress 2.9's default theme.
The CSS and XHTML is released under GPL:

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Comments (2)

Great job converting the WP Template. Although, I was actually wondering if you could help me out. I'd like to convert the main page into a two-column template instead of a three-column one. Would that be a lot of work to do or is it a simple change in the CSS?


i like this teplate... thanks :)