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Thax,No 1

this is just simply beautiful!

Having some troubles with this loading. I love it and it worked great for a couple of days and now it is not loading any of the images. you can see my blog here.... thanks.

Demos arent working for any please fix them

how can i want to add the ads space 125x125 in this theme..?

Nice theme.....

Nice Blogger Template Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I can't change the date from undefined. Oh! Just an FYI, I seem to be experiencing some Google glitches, so I can't edit my page elements at the moment. So please excuse the trash elements on my homepage. Thanks :)

This really works! Editing the template a bit, and its totaly awesome for the more than bread and water blogger, but not so over the top it's hard to manage.

Perfect in so many ways!