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Theme Name: KeKo
Theme URI:
Description: Unique Urban Grunge Integrated Adsense And 6 Ads Banner WordPress Theme with Theme Option
Author: Micheal kelsinger
Author URI:
Designer: Micheal Kelsinger
version: 1.0.3
Tags: light green, dark grey, fixed width, 2 columns, 3 column footer, twitter ready, thread-comment, theme options

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Comments (10)

This is such a beautiful theme H. I LOVE it- again , great job :)

I'm using blogger and i can't get the top header menu links up..links and green overlay are hiding behind the grey bar menu instead of in front..I followed your instructions that came with it...

Little help plezz.. would love to use it..i love the layout

leave title blank. insert site url & site name only.

Really nice template mate! thx

well designed layout

none of the images are working on my site. pleease fix i loved this template

@Ashley Patrice

Same here!

But if you know how to work around your layout you can go to the wordpress site CSS here
search for the images (all .png or .jpg)
download them to your computer
upload them to for example a picasa album
and then go to your blog:
> Layout
> Edit html
> Expand widgets
and replace each occurrence with the new link image from your album.

It's a bit of a pain but you'll stop depending of that images source and your blog will be ok for good!
I hope it helps!

Why doesn't this template has the "older" "home" "newer" options at the bottom?

hey, but the main page doesn't seem to have any kind of navigation for older posts, only when i click into single post pages the "older posts, new posts" links appear. Help?