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Theme Name: Translucence
Description: Clean and elegant easily customisable theme with 3 built in skins.
Version: 1.0
Author: Webtreats ETC
Author URI:

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Comments (11)

this is a lovely layout, very minimal.. love it

how do i edit the facebook, twitter and email buttons?

how do I change the post title color?

Is there anyway to change the background image?

Hi! I'm REALLY loving this template, and its been perfect for my blog, but I would like to change something. The comment .avatars are really nice for those who don't have any, but I want the commenters to be able to have their own pics beside their comments.

Is there a way to do that?

I can not change the font color style in the blogger version, any ideas?

Thax but how I can change the font??

Hello there, I need to change the title size. How can I do this? Thanks.


This is a lovely layout and I've been using it on one of my blogs. Thanks for making this layout available on blogger blogs.

Anyways, recently I found out (when I'm about to update my blog) that the graphics on Translucence are not loading and became just a white slate... Can you fix this?

I really like this layout and would like to continue using this so I would be greatly grateful if you could do something about this.

Thanks in advance,

Hi! I'm having the same problem as shiroi. It's a classy theme, but it's not loading in my blogspot site anymore:

Thanks also in advance.

I am unable to use this template any longer. I had it installed on Blogger, but it just disappeared a few weeks ago. The download link is no good. Where can I find it again, for Blogger? I love this theme, and miss using it.